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Design and code, united at last

Judo is a design and build tool for SwiftUI apps that writes production-ready code for you while you’re designing. Eliminate back-and-forth with developers and free them from unrewarding grunt work.

Judo is used by thousands of designers and developers to design and build harmoniously on a shared canvas instead of handing off files back-and-forth.

So product teams can do more
and iterate faster.



Design with the same SwiftUI components your app is built with. Avoid unnecessary redundant feedback loops by speaking the same language as developers.



Drag-and-drop a Judo file into any Xcode project and use the Judo SDK to render it as native SwiftUI — then wire up button actions and input controls to custom code.

Product Managers

Product Managers

Test and iterate by building faster and shipping more often.

Connect to your existing A/B testing and analytics platforms to experiment and learn with the tools you already use today.

Redesigning the Atlanta Falcons Home Screen

See how the Falcon’s lead UX Designer rebuilt their app’s home screen as a personalized fan experience hub connected to Ticketmaster

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Photo & Designs by Austin Klubenspies, Lead UX Designer at Falcons

Design in a dynamic canvas

With other tools, designing for different screen sizes, languages and dark mode requires a lot of duplication.
Judo lets you preview a variety of situations to see how your design adapts. Catch issues with layout, truncation and color at design time and avoid unnecessary back-and-forth with developers.

Personalized and driven by real data

Connect lists, text and images to your existing APIs to build dynamic user interfaces driven by real content.

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The Judo reference manual covering everything you need to know — from navigating the interface, to making the most of different features.

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Our YouTube channel is full of step-by-step guides and video lessons to help you get up and running. Here are some of our favourites

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White-glove Service

For organizations with advanced needs, work with our product specialists, integration engineers and account managers to train your designers, onboard your developers and ensure success.

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