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Judo brings server-driven UI to your iOS and Android apps. Build user interfaces visually in a fraction of time and publish them instantly without submitting to the app store.

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The Mac App

Build user interfaces visually on top of SwiftUI and Jetpack Compose — with the Judo
Mac App.

Data Sources

Connect experiences to any REST or GraphQL API to build dynamic, data-driven experiences.

Button Actions

Add actions to buttons to navigate between screens, deep link into your app or display permission prompts.

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The Mobile Apps

Open your experience in the Judo iOS and Android apps to preview the end-user experience.

Share with Stakeholders

Get feedback from designers, marketers and product managers before releasing to your users.

Accessibility and Localization

Preview your experience in dark mode, test different languages and try the screen reader right on your phone.

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The SDKs

The Judo SDKs use SwiftUI and Jetpack Compose to render experiences without compromise.

Background Sync

Sync experiences in the background to avoid loading indicators and enable offline support.


Integrate with your app’s existing messaging and analytics SDKs such as Braze and Segment.

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Latest Updates

May 19, 2022

Creating a Fitness App UI with Judo Using Contentful

In this tutorial, our Lead Product Specialist Kevin walks us through how we go about hooking up a Judo experience to the headless CMS platform Contentful, using their GraphQL Content API.

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May 4, 2022

How the Atlanta Falcons Increased App User Retention with Mobile...

The Atlanta Falcons were looking for a way to engage new app visitors, convert them into regular users, announce new app features and increase user retention. They made it possible with a dynamic mobile app onboarding built with Judo.

Blog Post

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April 19, 2022

New in Judo: SwiftUI Code Export

Designers and developers use Judo to enable server-driven UI in their iOS and Android apps. But our vision for Judo isn’t limited to server-side workflows: Now, in Judo 1.8, you can use Code Export to export your Judo experiences to SwiftUI code, which can then be imported into any Xcode project.

Product Updates

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