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Ditch the templates.
Embrace your Creativity Icon creativity.

Just let it flow

With navigation bars, buttons, modals, scrolling and carousels, Judo gives you everything you need to build interactive, multi-screen user flows.


Bring your own design system

Import your design system from Figma—or create one from scratch—with reusable  components*, custom fonts and color palettes.

*Components coming late 2022

Figma to Judo Integration

The power of SwiftUI, without writing it

While you’re building in the visual canvas, Judo is writing clean, structured, SwiftUI code for you. Whether you’re creating a prototype or a new app from scratch, the result is indistinguishable from user interfaces coded by hand.


Design with real content

Work directly with data from any CMS or API to build your design with real content that is always up-to-date.

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Design that Launch Icon “just works”

Responsive by default

Use SwiftUI’s stacks and spacers to produce layouts that automatically adapt to any screen size, then preview on phone and tablet—in portrait and landscape—directly from the canvas.


Effortless dark mode

Preview in dark mode to see your text and background colors automatically adapt, then fine-tune with your own colors and image variants.


Automatic localization

Add your own translations or let Judo do the work for you* —then preview in different languages to catch issues with truncation, layout, or right-to-left formatting.

* Powered by Google Translate


Built-in accessibility

Interfaces created with Judo are compatible with all platform accessibility features like screen readers, adaptive text sizes and increased contrast. Preview your design with different settings to see how they affect layout and color.

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Use it a little Launch Icon — or a lot

Integrate into your
existing app

Use Judo for pieces of your existing app like onboarding, paywalls or in-app messaging. Drag your Judo file into your existing Xcode project and render it with the Judo SDK.


Create a new app from scratch

Judo can also be used to build brand new apps. With one click, export an Xcode project that’s ready to be submitted to the App Store.


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