John Coombs

Welcome to Judo

We are excited to announce that Rover is now Judo! Our new name and identity derives from the martial art, a key principle of which is “maximum efficiency with minimal effort”. This concept aligns with the promise of our platform which empowers brands to engage users with rich fully native experiences without code or app updates.

We believe that our new identity is fresh and distinctive—it can’t be confused with a popular pet care application. Our approach to the market is also distinctive. While we integrate with the leading marketing automation platforms we are not just another marketing tech vendor. Our focus is to enable discrete experiences across the user lifecycle from on-boarding, to engagement, and conversion.

Judo is also the name for the latest version of our platform. This new product iteration reflects our experience from six years working with leading app publishers in sports, entertainment and retail. We believe that the lessons learned are universal:

1. Marketing teams and product organizations have different workflows and move with different timelines—Iterative experimentation with on-boarding and conversion flows, adding support for ephemeral content and sponsorships distracts from shipping core app functionality.

2. Everyone cares equally about the user experience—Mobile product managers don’t want web views or one-size fits all card templates to get in the way of the user flow. Marketing professionals are focused on maximizing user engagement not embedding content that compromises the user experience.

Using Judo, marketing professionals work with designers to deploy experiences that are indistinguishable from content in the native app without coding or app updates. We added support for dark mode, accessibility, language localization, and custom fonts. Judo enhances support for dynamic, data-driven and personalized content. Our focus is to deliver no code technology with no compromise.

What has not changed is our focus on earning the advocacy of our customers. We will continue to support the prior iteration of our platform, which incorporates a web application to build experiences. We are migrating customers to our new MacOS toolset for creating content and associated Judo cloud. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about Judo and our product roadmap.

We are beyond excited about the path ahead!