John Coombs

We Just Closed Funding

Today we announced that we secured $3 mm in funding led by TenOneTen Ventures and Freestyle. After building a profitable high growth business we decided to take institutional capital to accelerate growth by making additional investments in our product and our channel.

While securing funding from discerning investors provides validation, it is not an end in itself. There is no greater endorsement than earning repeat business from satisfied customers—something we have done consistently as our revenue has grown by several hundred percent over the past three years. As marketing budgets faced pressure during the pandemic we grew our business and retained almost all of our customers.

When Sean Rucker and I started the company our focus was to support delivery of contextually relevant content. While our initial focus was on the context of location we found that what our customers valued most was the ability to build and build and distribute rich experiences to mobile apps.

In the course of building out our platform we have adapted the latest technology. We provide a rapid development solution to build native mobile content. We pioneered an approach to deploying this content with what has become known as server-driven UI. While “no code” has become a buzzword and server-driven UI is being adopted by the largest digital first services like Airbnb and Doordash, our platform roadmap is driven in large part by our customer needs, not what is fashionable.

We rebranded our company in June and launched a new iteration of our platform that represented a major upgrade. Our customers have pushed us to support building and delivery of truly native in-app experiences at scale. We are confident in our ability to fulfill this need with elements like custom fonts, color palettes, API-driven content, and support for settings like accessibility and dark mode,included in our latest release.

The Judo platform is used by major mobile publishers in OTT media, retail, sports, online gambling, and live entertainment. We see a major opportunity to bring this capability to brands in other verticals. We will continue to invest in making Judo more powerful and building additional integrations with data, content management, and marketing tech platforms. If you would like to learn more about Judo or have suggestions about what you would like to see next feel free to reach out to me directly.

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