John Coombs

The Untapped Potential of 2D Applications on Apple Vision Pro: Why Businesses Should Pay Attention

With the advent of Apple Vision Pro, the landscape of digital interaction and user interfaces is poised for a dramatic transformation. As businesses and developers explore the capabilities of this innovative platform, a distinction emerges between the immersive allure of 3D applications and the practical, versatile utility of 2D interfaces. While the former captures our imagination with augmented realities, it is the latter that holds immediate, impactful opportunities for many businesses. This post delves into the untapped potential of 2D applications on Apple Vision Pro, emphasizing the strategic importance of early adoption and how in-depth knowledge of visionOS isn’t required to unlock this potential for businesses of all sizes.

The Advantages of 2D Applications in a Business Context

The introduction of Apple Vision Pro revolutionizes the concept of digital workspace, transcending the physical limitations imposed by traditional screens and monitors. This leap forward enables employees to significantly enhance productivity and multitasking capabilities. Imagine a financial analyst seamlessly navigating through expansive spreadsheets, real-time data streams, and analytical tools, all within an easily accessible virtual space. The efficiency gained from such an expansive, customizable workspace is unparalleled, particularly when compared to the restricted real estate of conventional displays.

Why 2D Is More Immediately Impactful for Businesses

The excitement surrounding 3D applications on Apple Vision Pro is undeniable. However, the practical applications of 2D interfaces in business operations are not only immediately applicable but also transformative. The capacity to create detailed, expansive work environments without the need for multiple physical monitors offers an immediate boost to operational efficiency and user experience. From project management dashboards that spread intuitively around the user to customer service platforms that integrate seamlessly with existing databases, the potential applications are as varied as they are impactful.

The Strategic Advantage of Developing Early on Apple Vision Pro

History has shown us the benefits of being an early adopter of groundbreaking platforms. When Apple first launched the App Store, brands and developers who were quick to explore and populate the new ecosystem reaped significant advantages in visibility, user acquisition, and market leadership. Similarly, Apple Vision Pro presents a new frontier where early movers can establish a strong presence, shaping the platform's development and setting the standard for future applications. Emphasizing the development of 2D applications now, as Apple Vision Pro begins to gain traction, offers businesses a unique opportunity to lead in this emerging space.

Judo: Making 2D Potential Accessible on Apple Vision Pro

Judo emerges as a pivotal tool in this context, democratizing the development of 2D applications on Apple Vision Pro. By offering a no-code platform that simplifies the app development process, Judo enables businesses to quickly create and deploy applications tailored to the Apple Vision Pro environment. This accessibility ensures that companies, regardless of their technical resources, can seize the opportunity to innovate and capture the early market advantage on Apple Vision Pro, making their existing iOS applications available for this new platform.

How Businesses Can Leverage Judo for No-code App Development on Apple Vision Pro

Utilizing Judo to develop 2D applications or portions of 3D applications for Apple Vision Pro is a straightforward process that opens up a world of possibilities. A business could, for example, use Judo to design a comprehensive project management tool that utilizes the full 365-degree virtual space, enabling team members to interact with their projects in a more intuitive and immersive way. Through Judo's intuitive interface, integrating data visualization, real-time collaboration tools, and personalized workspace configurations becomes not just feasible but efficient.


The potential of 2D applications on Apple Vision Pro is vast, offering immediate benefits for businesses ready to embrace this new technology. As VisionPro carves out its place in the digital landscape, the importance of developing early cannot be overstated. Through Judo, businesses have a unique opportunity to lead in this space, leveraging the platform's capabilities to create innovative, impactful applications and extend their existing applications to visionOS without additional developer resources. The future of digital interaction is unfolding now, and the time to act is today so give Judo a try and bring your idea to life on visionOS.