Kevin O'Brien

What’s New in the Judo Mac App

We’re excited to announce that the latest version of the Judo macOS app (v1.6.0) is out now.

It comes with two new notable features:

  • Sliders and steppers on modifier values
  • URL Parameters UI for Data Source layers

Sliders and Steppers

You can now step and click-slide modifier values in Judo, in turn providing Judo users with a much improved “design flow.”What do we mean by design flow?Well, we feel these new features now allow designers to really “feel out” their designs, resulting in a much better feeling of flow for them while creating Judo experiences.

Design vs. Build

We often refer to the Judo macOS app as a build tool, meaning most of our users design their experiences in a familiar graphics editor (Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma, etc.), but then build their designs in Judo to transform them into live mobile interfaces.

This is 100% OK, of course!

However, with these new step and slide features in Judo, we hope designers feel even more at home if they design directly in Judo.

How to Use Them

You can use these new features to change values on essentially any modifier that has a numerical value, such as Padding, Frame, Offset etc.

They are used on either a Focused or a Non-Focused field:

Change value on Padding, Frame, Offset in the Judo focused and non-focused fields

Focused Text Field

When you’re focused on a field (meaning that when you’re currently editing its value, you’ll notice a purple border around the field), you can:

  • Slide — Hover to the far right of the field, and then drag to slide the value up and down.
  • Press the up or down arrow keys on your keyboard to increase or decrease the value by one.
  • Step up the value by increments of 10 by holding Shift-Up Arrow or Shift-Down Arrow.

Non-Focused Text Field

For a non-focused field (meaning that when you’re not currently editing its value, there isn’t a purple border), you can:

  • Hover over the field to see two up/down arrows appear on the far right side of the field. You can now use these buttons to increase or decrease the value by one.

URL Parameters

Our users are doing some amazing things with the Data Source layer in the Judo macOS app, which is used to connect designs to APIs.

However, we received some feedback that it was tricky to work with an API that uses URL Parameters.

So now, with version 1.6, URL Parameters have their own dedicated UI:

Simply add, remove, or modify any URL Parameter being used on your Data Source URL endpoint, and whatever value you enter using the UI will be reflected in the URL area as well. This is handy for long and complicated URL Parameters!

Install or Update

Make sure to install or update the Judo macOS app from the Mac App Store to start using these features today!