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Bring life to your experiences with Videos.
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Let's Add Some Video

We can add a Video layer from near the bottom of our Insert Menu:

Video is an awesome feature because motion content can really make your Judo experience come alive.

Same as images or audio, a video can come from a file on our hard drive or a hosted URL address, and Judo gives you a template video by default for either of these options.

Resizing Modes

We have Scale to Fit just like images, where this will not cut off our video but will fill as much space as it’s given.

Scale To Fill will cut off edges of your video to fill the space given.

Video Options

Below standard Auto Play and Looping options we can see Show Controls. This option sets whether or not play/pause, volume, scrubbing & timecode options are visible in your experience.

The Remove Audio option is pretty handy for stripping unwanted sound that might come along with your video. A common reason you'd want to use this is if you are using video as an animating background image.

Next is Aspect Ratio where the default for a video element is 16:9, but here you can enter your own values. So for instance if we want this to be a vertical video we would enter 9:16.

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