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Use User Info Values To Inject Data Into Your Experiences From Device Variables
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Let's Use A User Info Value

In Judo, along with URL Params we can also inject User Info values into our design as well.

User Info entries are variables that the developers of your main app have set up in order to keep track of user preferences and info app-wide. These are completely custom and can vary a lot from app to app so it’s gonna be up to you to find out which ones are available in your core app.

Some common examples might be:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • City
  • State
  • Email
  • PreferredUnits
  • userID etc

Or very app-specific ones such as:

  • PreferredVideoLength or
  • FavWorkoutType

These last two are potential examples we might use in our demo Fitness Workout experience from earlier lessons.

We add User Info values to test in our design just below URL Parameters in our Document Inspector:

In Judo, just like with URL Params, we can set up a test value to work with. As with URL Params, this value will be replaced with the actual User Info value that is on the device of the user viewing your Judo experience in production.

In the example from above, we could use the PreferredVideoLength User Info value to create a Conditional to only render videos 10 minutes or less, if that was their preference.

That’s it for User Info. 

Great work with your Judo learning especially for a very tech-heavy section.

See you in the next lesson.

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