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Say it your way using the Text element in Judo.
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Let's Add Some Text

We can either add a Text element from our Insert Menu or we can use the keyboard shortcut T.

Common Options

In the Inspector Panel on the right, you will find the text box to enter your copy, along with the common text options such as Bold, Italics:

Multiline Alignment

You will only notice text alignment when your copy occupies more than 1 line in your layout.


Force your text to become either all CAPITALS or all lower case:

This can be very useful for when you're working with Data Sources and your text is dynamic! We cover this in the Dynamic Data & APIs section of the Learning Center (for advanced users).

Max Lines

This will truncate your text with it occupies more lines than that which you've specified.

Also a very useful function for when you're working with Data Sources! See the Dynamic Data & APIs section (advanced).

Text Style

"Body" is a Text Style. A Text Style describes the use of the text, such as “Headline” or “Title”, and lets the system know how best to adjust its size while accounting for the user’s font size preferences. It is useful to use Text Style to keep your layouts consistent.


Under the Font dropdown, System Font will use the default font for each iOS and Android operating systems.

If you're looking to add fonts other than the System Font, check out the lesson Custom Fonts in the Style section.

Colors & Gradients

These two subjects are covered in the corresponding Lessons as part of the Style section:

That’s it for Text for now. 

Great job, next up is images.

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