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Rectangles can be very useful elements in Judo.
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Let's Add A Rectangle

We can either add a Text element from our Insert Menu or we can use the keyboard shortcut R.

Vector Rectangles are pretty straightforward in this Lesson, but they are used in conjunction with other Judo features that we’re going to cover in later Lessons such as Scroll Containers, ZStacks, Frames, Colors and Gradients - so stay tuned.

For now, just know that when you place a rectangle in your layout, it's going to take up as much space as it’s given. In a Scroll Container it will push towards the top, whereas in a VStack or placed just directly on a screen, it will occupy the entire screen.

We can add a border to our rectangle, change the colour and width of the border and start playing with the corner radius to get the shape we want.

That's it for Rectangles, next up is Carousels.

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