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Test your experience before deploying it to your Judo cloud account.
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Preview/Test Your Experience

Judo has a Preview App available for both iOS and for Android.

The purpose of these apps is to preview the Judo experience you've finished designing on both OS's, but before you upload it to your cloud account and create live production launch links (this is covered in the next Lesson).

So before we're ready for that, we can open a .judo file to see how it renders on mobile.

Download the Apps

First, download the Judo Preview Apps onto your iPhone and Android.

Make sure you click these links from your mobile phone:

Share/Open a .judo file

Once you have these apps on your phone(s), you can now open a .judo file on your phone.

You can send yourself the file to yourself or a colleague using any normal method you would send a file such as Email, Slack, Airdrop etc.

Tip: Ensure your Judo experience has been opened in the Judo app as opposed to just the client such as Email/Slack otherwise some content might not fully load.

Near Instant Preview

You can then also add file services like Dropbox and Google Drive to your Locations within the Judo preview App.

This will not only allow you to quickly access files from Dropbox / Google Drive, but you can also work on the .judo experience file on your Desktop, hit save (into the Dropbox / Google Drive location), and then instantly check out your design by clicking on this file in the Preview App (look for the cloud icon next to your file which shows a change has been detected).

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