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Deliver Your Experience To Your Users
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If you've finished building your first Judo experience, now you probably want to upload it to your Judo Cloud account.

This is the final step in turning your design into a production/live experience.

Note the Judo SDK must be integrated in your core app before publishing experiences will be functional. See the developer instructions for integration.

Log-in to judo.app

This is where you'll manage your live experiences and their corresponding links.

Upload .judo File

Once logged into your Judo account, click the new experience button, and upload the .judo file for the experience you've worked so hard on designing.

Get Your Links

Once uploaded, next to each experience, you'll find your Universal or Deeplinks to use how you please:

  • Universal Link: https://yourcompany.judo.app/experience-name
  • Deep Link: deeplink-format://yourcompany.judo.app/experience-name

Use Your Links

You can then use these links to launch this Judo experience in your app. You can place them on a marketing tile, use them in a push campaign or any number of other ways to use your experience.

And that's it! You've successfully launched your first Judo experience! 🎉🎉🎉


Contact your Customer Success Representative for one-on-one help with getting your Judo experience live in your core app.

Alternatively, post a question in our Judo Support Forum and we'll get back to you right away.

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