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If you're brand new to Judo, this is the best place to start
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This example Judo experience is a great way to help you get started. The layout contains Actions, Carousels, Horizontal Scroll Containers, Custom Fonts, Dark Mode compatibility and much more.

Welcome to the Judo Learning Center.

What is Judo?

Judo’s end-to-end platform includes tools used to build, preview, test and deploy in-app experiences.

The primary focus of the Learning Center is on the Judo Mac App. This is where we design and build our mobile layouts, which we call "Judo experiences".

The Judo Mac App can be downloaded from the App Store here:

General UI

Once you have Judo installed and open on your Mac, let's break down what we're looking at:

Customize Your Toolbar

To improve your productivity, you can customize your Judo toolbar. The "Device Sizes" toggle button is probably the most recommended. 

You can see how this is added to the toolbar here:

Save your experience as a .judo file

Once we've finished building our experience, it will save as a .judo extension filetype.

This is great for many reasons including:

  • Everything we've added to our experience, including images, video, custom fonts etc are all contained in the same .judo file. No need to maintain a corresponding assets folder
  • We can now share this with
  • We can sync this file to our favorite cloud service in order to collaborate with teammates, backup & version control, and also to preview our experiences on the Judo iOS and Android corresponding preview apps (more on this later)

Copy & Paste like a pro

Judo supports copying & pasting layers, stacks or entire screens from one .judo file to another. This can be very handy if your organization has created a brand template experience to work from.

Experiment with an example Judo Experience

At the top of this Lesson, you'll find a Resources section where you can download an example Judo Experience called FitnessExperience-Static.judo.

This layout contains Actions, Carousels, Horizontal Scroll Containers, Custom Fonts, Dark Mode compatibility and much more.

It should be a great starting point to check out some techniques for designing and building Judo experiences.

What's Next?

You can continue going through the Lessons in the Judo Learning Center one by one. Next up is the Text element. By the end you'll surely be a master.

Alternatively, feel free to search for a particular question via the navigation bar at the top.

If you don't find what you're looking for in our Learning Center, you can post a question in the Judo Support Forum and we'll respond as soon as we can. The link for this is at the bottom of this page.

Happy Learning! 

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