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Use Custom Fonts to tell your story
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Let's Bring In A Custom Font

So far in Judo, the only font that's been available to us has been the System Font.

But we can bring in our own Custom Font. To do so, we click Text from the top menu, then Custom Fonts.

From here we can add any font we have installed on our machine and also licensed, and then the font will be available in the Judo experience itself to use on any text layer.

Embedded Note that as with Images & Videos, our Font is now embedded in the .judo file

Next let’s edit these style presets. We’ll notice that as soon as we switched to our custom font, this settings wheel became visible.

If we click the settings wheel, we can now customize the font size and weight for each of these 11 preset text styles.

Using Text styles such as Title, Body is beneficial for two reasons:

  • It helps us keep our design consistent throughout the experience by using familiar nomenclature
  • It keeps our design compatible with Accessibility features. More on this in the Accessibility & Compatibility section

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