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In this video, our Senior Product Specialist Kevin walks us through how we would hook up a Judo experience to Contentful. In this case we are turning our Fitness App into a completely dynamic experience using a Data Source.
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Why Contentful

Contentful is a "Headless-CMS" platform, which is quickly becoming the new normal for how organizations manage content. This is because content doesn't only exist on a website anymore, it also exists in mobile applications, ad content and many other potential locations.

Using a Headless-CMS means a company manages their content in one location, one "source of truth", which you can then use in a variety of ways.

Contentful into Judo

Contentful has some amazing APIs. Because Judo experiences can consume APIs, you can pull content that lives in Contentful and turn it into a mobile experience using Judo.

This means someone makes a change to content in Contentful, and the update is reflected wherever it's used, including your Judo experience.

You could even use URL Parameters in the Judo experience in order to render different experiences based on the params without even opening/editing the Judo file itself. Check out the Lesson on URL Params.

However you implement this, Judo can now act as your mobile "head" for content managed in the Contentful Headless-CMS platform.


In Contentful, we first make a "Fitness Video" content model, and then add a bunch of "Fitness Video" entries. Each one has things like Title, Duration, Thumbnail, Feature Image etc.

We then use the Contentful GraphQL Content API to bring the entries into our Judo experience with a Data Source object.

GraphQL is awesome here because that means in the body of our POST request to Contentful, we can query for only want we want instead of the API giving us everything it has.

And that's basically it! You can then start mapping the fields like Title, Duration etc in your design, as covered at the beginning of this section.

In Action

The easiest way to see how everything described in this lesson actually would work is to download the example Judo file at the top of this lesson and see how we've configured things.

Please don't share our Contentful API keys... 🙂

Good luck!

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