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We can add a Rectangle, Text or Image as a Background to a layer
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Let's Add A Background

We can add a Background to any Stack, Text, Image, Rectangle, Icon, Scroll Container, Carousel, Page Control, Audio, Video, or Web View element. So almost every element.

The background we add is comprised of either a Rectangle, Image or Text.

If we choose Image Background for example, and once we select image, the inspector now shows the options for the background image itself, where you’ll see familiar controls. We can also add

This is where the Resizing Mode Stretch might be useful if you are using a gradient image for a Background.

When we're done modifying the Background Image, we click Back To Selection to get back to the options of our main layer.

Background Rectangle

A better method for a gradient background would actually be to use a rectangle Background, and then make a vector gradient fill.

More on custom colours and gradients in the Style section of the Learning Center.

We can add common modifiers to this rectangle itself if we want, such as a frame.

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