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App Bars are the Android equivalent of a Nav Bar
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Let's Add An App Bar

We can add an App Bar from our Insert Menu, but only once we are in Android OS Preview mode.

Step 1

Step 2

Once switched to Android OS preview mode, we can now add an App Bar from our Insert Menu:

An App Bar is a separate element because Android OS uses different nomenclature and functions slightly differently than an iOS Nav Bar.

Once we've clicked on our App Bar in the Layers Panel, we can then style the Title, Buttons and Background.

We also have the option to hide the Up Icon, which is essentially a back button.

App Bar Menu Item

Like in iOS, we also have the option to create a custom button, which is named App Bar Menu Item in Android.

Here we can change the Title of our button or use an Icon instead; just like a Nav Bar Button.

That's it for our Actions & Navigation section. Next up is all the tools we use related to Layout.

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