Deep and Universal Links

General Setup

You will have received a Judo universal link domain from us when setting up your account (such as, which will be used below as an example). You will need to set up your app to open such links, and then use Judo.sharedInstance.openURL to handle opening it.

For deep (custom scheme) links, you should decide on a URI scheme for them. The purpose of these “shim” deep links is to allow other parts of your app (such as a CMS) to link directly to Experiences without potentially displaying the user a prompt to open a browser.

Continue below for setting up these handlers using the standard iOS infrastructure.

  1. Add (or ensure you already have) the Associated Domain entitlement;
  2. In the Associated Domains list, add your Judo domain you received from Judo (using the applinks prefix).

Associated Domains Config

Note: the server-side configuration is handled for you by the Judo server.

Add (or ensure you already have) the URL type for the deep link scheme you selected (note that you did not receive this scheme from Judo; this is up to you):

URL Types Config

Further Reading

For Universal Links:

Apple Developer - Supporting Universal Links in your App

For Deep Links:

Apple Developer - Defining a Custom URL Scheme for Your App

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