Sync via iOS Background Fetch

Sync via iOS Background Fetch

iOS allow apps to register for the iOS to opportunistically call them to perform sync when network and power are at hand. Judo includes a BGTask that you can use to easily register Judo as a background task.

Configure Capability

In the “Signing and Capabilities” in your Target, you need to select the “Background fetch” under Background Modes:

Background Modes Editor

Add Permitted Identifier

In your Info.plist, you need to tell iOS that you are explicitly allowing the Judo SDK to register a background fetch task.

First add the BGTaskSchedulerPermittedIdentifiers key as an Array to your Info.plist, which is rendered by Xcode with the friendly name of “Permitted background task scheduler identifiers”.

Select an identifiable string for it - we recommend app.judo.background.refresh - and add it to the Array. You can either use Xcode’s plist editor directly, or “Custom iOS Target Properties” in the Info section of the Target settings.

Background Fetch Permitted Identifier in Info.plist

Register Task

Finally, in your AppDelegate, call the SDK’s registerAppRefreshTask helper method to register Judo’s BGTask for you, using the identifier you selected above.

Judo.sharedInstance.registerAppRefreshTask(taskIdentifier: "app.judo.background.refresh")

You’ve completed the initial integration! However, other optional steps remain for for more advanced features, namely User Identification and Personalization, handling both Integrating with Analytics.

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