Remote Notification Sync

Remote Notification Sync

The Judo cloud service will send a remote FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) push notification to your app whenever a relevant Experience is added or updated. The SDK can receive these pushes and trigger its background sync process. Note that this is not used for any user-facing push notifications whatsoever.

Configure FCM in Your App

If you have not already integrated FCM into your app for your own push notification purposes, head to the Firebase Console and ensure you are logged in with an appropriate Google account for your project. Select “Add a new project”, or, if you have already created one, select it.

See Google’s standard Firebase Cloud Messaging Android Setup guide.

Configure FCM in Judo Cloud

Enter FCM’s Cloud Messaging tab, and copy the Server Key. Then ensure it is added to your an Android App in your Judo account’s App Settings.

Send Device Push Token to Judo

To send device tokens to Judo, implement onNewToken in your FirebaseMessagingService:

override fun onNewToken(p0: String) {

        fcmToken = p0

Receive Judo Sync Request Notifications

To trigger a Judo sync on any incoming push notifications (that are marked as Judo notifications), implement onNewToken in your FirebaseMessagingService:

override fun onMessageReceived(p0: RemoteMessage) {

    Judo.onFirebaseRemoteMessageReceived(data =


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