Background Sync via WorkManager

Background Sync via WorkManager

Google’s WorkManager library is the typical means that Android developers schedule and manage background tasks in a way that is compatible with a wide range of Android versions.

Here we provide some boilerplate for setting up a WorkManager job to run Judo’s sync opportunistically in the background.

Add WorkManager Dependency

Add the following the dependencies block in your build.gradle:


implementation ''

Kotlin KTS:


Define Worker

Create a PeriodicWorkRequest that runs the Judo SDK’s sync:

import java.util.concurrent.CountDownLatch
import java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit
import app.judo.sdk.api.Judo

class JudoSyncWorker(appContext: Context, workerParameters: WorkerParameters): Worker(appContext, workerParameters) {
    companion object {
        private const val TAG = "JudoSyncWorker"

    override fun doWork(): Result {
        val latch = CountDownLatch(1)

        Judo.performSync {

        try {
        } catch (error: Exception) {
            Log.e(TAG, "Unable to complete background Judo sync")
            return Result.failure()
        return Result.success()

## Register Task

Finally, in your Application class’ onCreate, create and register a work request:

 val judoWorkRequest = PeriodicWorkRequest.Builder(, 1, TimeUnit.HOURS)
            // some recommended constraints in order to be considerate about the user's battery and network.

WorkManager.getInstance(this).enqueueUniquePeriodicWork("judo-sync", ExistingPeriodicWorkPolicy.REPLACE, judoWorkRequest)

You’ve completed the initial integration! However, other optional steps remain for for more advanced features, namely User Identification and Personalization, handling both Integrating with Analytics.

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