Judo, Falcons, and Cavs Launch Hashtag Sports Webinar About Mobile App Personalization

February 15, 2023

Judo was proud to host a webinar in partnership with Hashtag Sports, on How teams can deliver on the personalization promise with your mobile app.

The webinar featured Austin Klubenspies, Director of Digital Platforms at AMB Sports & Entertainment, Georgia Sapounas, Senior Director of Digital Products & Innovation from the Cleveland Cavaliers, and our very own CEO, John Coombs, as they discussed the importance of mobile app personalization and walked through effective use cases from the Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta United, New York Rangers, New York Knicks, and Cleveland Cavaliers.

Our panelists discussed how they and their teams implement personalization on mobile and showcased a variety of examples, which showcased how Judo’s platform can facilitate the creation of bespoke mobile campaigns with remarkable UI.

Austin talks about how Judo has enabled his team to be able to quickly iterate on content in real time.

Additionally, he highlights the importance of creating specialized content for each channel and indicates how Judo empowers his team to create unique and innovative content for their mobile audience.

Georgia also highlighted how Judo permitted their team to utilize League APIs to automate their mobile campaigns in real time.

Check out the full recording here to learn more about how Judo’s platform can facilitate the creation of hyper-personalized activations.

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