Minnesota Vikings Welcome Fans to the Stadium With Mobile Guide

October 29, 2018

Every team is looking to improve the game day experience for home games and the Minnesota Vikings are certainly no exception.

From integrations with Alexa to the launch of some new exciting content-distribution models this season, the Vikings have continued to invest in ways they can engage their fan base. Nowhere is this more evident than on mobile.

A great example of the Vikings’ focus on fan engagement can be experienced through their stadium welcome mobile experience, which is delivered to fans once they enter U.S. Bank Stadium. This content — a digital program — provides fans with all of the necessary information they require as they arrive to the game.

As the video above outlines, the experience directs fans to key stadium features of their app while also containing the important game day information ensuring that fans have everything they need at their fingertips.

With the team moving to 100% digital ticketing this season, a major priority for the Vikings is to ensure fans have downloaded their mobile tickets and know how to use them to enter. To ensure a seamless entry, this section of their mobile welcome experience outlines a step-by-step process showcasing how fans can retrieve their tickets and scan them with ease at the stadium PORTs.

Next, fans are provided with a variety of content pertaining to overall notes and stats on the game. This includes anything from relevant game information, such as who is performing at the halftime show, to statistics regarding the opponents’ series history and last game matchup.

Want to win a gift card or find your way onto the video board? Their promotions section details how fans can enter a variety of promotions just through using hashtags. The experience concludes with a great reminder of a variety of Vikings Rewards options, too!

And finally, saving the best for last! Craving a cheeseburger? A hoagie? A hot dog or brat? Of course you are! Recognizing this, the Vikings included a detailed list of available concessions and their locations — perfect for the hungry fan!

Overall, it’s clear that the Vikings put significant thought and effort into creating an incredible game day guide through their mobile stadium welcome experience.

We at Judo, can’t wait to see how they continue to innovate and what they do next!

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