Diederik Alers

Redesign: The Judo iOS App

We are proud of the fact that we use our own product. In this case we used it to quickly develop an onboarding flow for our iOS app. This easy onboarding flow showcased here will be incorporated into our iOS app, where you can preview your designs live on your device.

This simple onboarding flow will be used for our own iOS app and was made in less than an hour using our own product and basic SwiftUI components. We are constantly improving our product and want to use it ourselves as well because we enjoy using it. You can get the file and tweak it so you have it yourself. BTW make sure to also download our iOS app where you can preview designs you make on your own device. This file contains the following screens:

  • Intro
  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3

Want to have a look at the file yourself?

Judo is versatile, fast, and gives you the swiftUI code if you need it. We encourage you to get inspired by the examples we are sharing here. There is more to come but for now we recommend you check it out yourself and have a look at the file!

Step 1. Download our beta

Step 2. Download this file: onboard.judo

PS: You will need to download the beta first to open this file.