Diederik Alers

Redesign: The Headspace Meditation App UI Design

Headspace is a well-known meditation app that has assisted countless users in discovering peace and serenity in their hectic lives. I created this project to showcase the speed and adaptability of our product in developing stunning app UIs.

This app was recreated to demonstrate the ability that Judo gives both developers and designers in terms of building beautiful app UIs quickly without any code from scratch with our build and design tool for SwiftUI. Not only do you get beautiful interfaces done faster than ever but you SwiftUI code is automatically generated for you - therefore saving you time. Here is what's included in the .judo file added below if you want to have a look at it.

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  • Name
  • Goal
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  • Welcome
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  • Invite
  • Listen
  • Meditate

Want to have a look at the file yourself?

Judo is versatile, fast, and gives you the swiftUI code if you need it. We encourage you to get inspired by the examples we are sharing here. There is more to come but for now we recommend you check it out yourself and have a look at the file!

Step 1. Download our beta

Step 2. Download the file: headspace.judo

PS: You will need to download the beta first to open this file.