Patriots Launch Mobile Experiences at Hall of Fame Museum

February 20, 2019

The Patriots Hall of Fame presented by Raytheon is an exciting, innovative, and interactive museum experience perfect for Patriots fans of all ages.

And this year, it just got better.

Derived from their continued focus on improving the museum’s fan experience, the Patriots began complementing their museum tour with interactive mobile content.

To facilitate these highly contextual mobile experiences, QR codes have been placed next to many of their exhibits and artifacts. When a fan scans the code using their phone or tablet, multimedia content automatically loads onto their device featuring additional information about the exhibit or artifact they are viewing. This content features not just text but interactive photos, audio, and video too.

“The Patriots Hall of Fame presented by Raytheon opened in 2008 with the focus of giving Patriots fans a unique place to relive and celebrate great moments and great players.

We’re really excited to be enhancing the interactive experience for fans at our exhibits. Our continued focus has always been on technology, and now thanks to Judo we are able to give fans easy access to more information than ever before, helping us continue to evolve the fan experience and make the museum that much more of an enjoyable experience for all fans.”

– Bryan Morry, Patriots’ Hall of Fame Executive Director

The museum features 10 exhibit galleries with amazing game-used artifacts, interactivity and storytelling, which guide guests through Patriots and New England football history in a cutting-edge way. While the exhibits are fascinating on their own, the addition of interactive mobile content as fans navigate the museum experience brings relevant video and audio, to the palm of the visitor’s hand.

“The ability to provide fans with an enhanced content experience was an exciting opportunity. We recognize that most of our fans will already have their phone in their hand as they walk through our museum, so this execution is a seamless way to engage with them further.”

With a simple scan, fans aren’t just receiving a quick write up of each exhibit. Thanks to Judo, we added custom video and audio, giving fans more value and hopefully an even deeper connection to the team.

– Jana Gauthier, Patriots’ Director of Digital Media

Using their smartphone to simply scan points of interest throughout the museum, fans are able to engage with various mobile experiences. What’s more, fans with the Patriots app installed will be instantly directed into the app, delivering a fully native in-app museum experience.

As Morry alluded to, their focus on technology is nothing new. In 2015, they renovated the Hall and built a Super Bowl Experience exhibit featuring large 4k monitors and a 16’ × 9’ video wall featuring Super Bowl vignettes. Add that to their 45-foot wide panoramic projection screen and their Snow Bowl exhibit geodesic dome, and it becomes very clear that the Patriots have put the fan experience at the forefront.

With a mobile tour guide in hand, fans are able to read about Belichickonomics, learn about the road to building a new stadium in Foxborough, re-live iconic historical moments and even watch a quick video explaining how the Hall of Fame Committee chooses its selections. The Patriots also created a really strong activation, a Hall of Fame quiz, that is sent to fans after they’ve finished their tour to see what each one remembers from their visit.

“Judo has not only helped us engage our fans at our museum, but has made it quick and seamless. We are now able to take the templates they helped us create to use for new exhibits as we continue to think about how we can expand the information we are providing, We’re excited to continue using their platform as well as other new technologies to continue to evolve the experience at our museum for fans of all ages.”

“From each of our exhibits to our use of video, audio, and now QR codes, The Hall experience is sure to be one you’ll tell your friends about,” concluded Morry.

So be sure to visit Patriot Place and The Patriots Hall of Fame presented by Raytheon. An immersive experience is right around the corner, and now, also only a QR scan away!

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