How NCAA Digital Teams Can Benefit From the New Name, Image and Likeness Policy

The NCAA has adopted an interim policy suspending name, image and likeness rules for all student athletes.

What does this mean? College athletes can now sign endorsement deals – and actually get paid.

This step in the right direction will have an immediate impact on not only the athletes, but the teams and colleges themselves.

As sport marketers continue to shift their focus to digital, the Judo platform is helping them accomplish their marketing goals. Dozens of professional sports teams and NCAA schools are creating engaging, in-app experiences for their students, fans and supporters through our platform.

With events like signing day, training camps, home openers and playoffs attracting new fans, followers and interactions, it is expected that personalized content, signings, announcements and sponsorship opportunities will all add to this continuous growth of mobile content.

Now that the athlete’s have been added to the equation, it’s the digital teams time to take advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity, and act fast.

Here’s four ways Judo can help: 

1) Highlight Individual Athletes

Highlight Individuals
Judo’s dynamic app templates provide teams’ with the ability to quickly highlight breaking news, players performances and highlights without having to increase internal resources. Making the athlete-to-fan connection engaging and fun. 

2) Build Interactive Sponsored Activations

Virtual tailgates, game-day previews, and interactive in-venue fan activations can now feature student-athletes in trivia, predictive gaming, scratch-offs, and more to entertain fans of all ages. We’ve seen numerous examples of highlighting players through sponsored activations with the Judo platform, leading to high engagement on sponsored posts.

3) Create Engaging Signing Day Experiences

Signing Day Experiences
Introducing incoming student-athletes creates an enormous amount of hype that must be taken advantage of. Using Judo, signing day can be taken to the next level through featured stats, graphics, highlights and even interactive sponsored experiences to help welcome incoming athletes.

4) Deliver Story-Style Content

Story Style Content
Story-Style content and student-athletes go together like peanut butter and jelly. Help drive engagement in your native app with behind the scenes images, while highlighting athletes. This provides an opportunity to seamlessly integrate sponsors into your content, without disrupting the users experience.

Why Judo?

Judo has continuously helped sports teams create and deliver personalized experiences to their fans through their apps. Recently, NCAA schools have started to follow suit, transforming their marketing strategy to mobile, while integrating their brand, promoting partnerships, and enhancing revenue.

Over the years, we’ve seen athlete’s mobile presence grow at an exponential rate through channels like Snapchat, Tiktok, Instagram and Twitter. The digital savvy nature of young athlete’s has allowed them to naturally expand their personal brand, and market themselves – all without compensation.

Now that student-athletes have become a more prominent part of the picture, digital teams must take advantage of this mobile engagement opportunity.

Student-athletes are about to change the way school’s look at marketing their athletics.

Judo is ready to help them deliver a flawless fan experience.

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