Two Judo Customers Nominated for Prestigious Hashtag Sports Award for use of Mobile App

June 1, 2022

Everyday, we feel incredibly privileged to help so many innovative organizations prioritize the user experience and the fan experience on mobile apps.

But today, we are even prouder!

It is our pleasure to announce that two of our wonderful customers have been nominated for three prestigious Hashtag Sports Awards: The Atlanta Falcons and the Houston Texans.

While the full shortlist of incredible categories and nominees can be found here, these are the awards the Falcons and Texans have been nominated for:

Award Nomination #1: Best Use of Technology – Atlanta Falcons

Nomination Title: Atlanta Falcons use Flexible Technology to Advance Fans’ Gameday Experience

While their full nomination can be read here, the Atlanta Falcons utilized leading-edge technology to create innovative dynamic experiences for their gameday guide, gameday preview, and gameday recap in their mobile app. 

The Falcons were early adopters to Judo’s newest mobile experience capabilities, specifically the ability to incorporate APIs and user data into their rich mobile campaigns. The Judo Platform enabled the Falcons to integrate NFL league APIs, specialized content from their headless CMS, and incorporate Judo’s Ticketmaster integration in order to display 1-to-1 ticketing information within their digital gameday activations. A great example of their Gameday Guide can be seen above!

Award Nomination #2: Best Mobile App – Houston Texans

Nomination Title: Houston Texans Bring Arena Activations to Mobile and Mobile to Arena Activations

The Texans’ full nomination explains how the team used Judo last season to drive forward their mobile app successes and to continue finding new and innovative ways to engage their fans on mobile. One of the ways they accomplished this feat was through bringing their in-venue activations into their mobile app. A great example of this was their tremendously successful campaign, their Texans Arcade, presented by Reliant (video above!). That said, the Texans also took their thrive for mobile app success one step further by ALSO bringing their mobile app activations in venue, as can be seen with their innovative Karaoke Cam mobile campaign. Incredible work by the entire team at the Houston Texans.

Award Nomination #3: Best Mobile App – Atlanta Falcons 

Nomination Title: Atlanta Falcons Turn to Personalized Content to Innovate Their Mobile App Gameday Experience

As alluded to in their technology nomination above, the Falcons were also nominated for their use of engaging mobile content in the “Best Mobile App” section for this nomination. As it explains, the team utilized Judo to create innovative dynamic experiences for their gameday guide, gameday preview, and gameday recap in their mobile app. As previously discussed, the team found success by finding ways to automate their gameday content in these campaigns while creating a personalized, engaging experience for their fans. As evident by their 3.6 million app sessions and 37% rate of revisit to their gameday experiences, it’s clear the Atlanta Falcons’ focus on quality and innovative mobile content was a success, and of course, worthy of such a prestigious nomination. 

We can’t wait to see if the Houston Texans or Atlanta Falcons are named victorious at Hashtag Sports 2022 on July 12!

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