Diederik Alers

Redesign: Creating the Artifact News App Interface

Artifact is an AI-optimized news app co-founded by an Instagram founder. We created this project to demonstrate our product's ability to create beautiful & user-friendly iOS interfaces.

Using various SwiftUI components, we replicated Artifact's UI and UX and used our list view features to provide personalized view content to users. Our hope is that this inspires you to explore the potential of using our product to create beautiful and user-friendly mobile apps. This is a design that is there to show you how easy it is to create beautiful app UIs with Judo and you can download the file and check it out yourself. The file includes:

  • Start
  • Onboarding
  • Subscriptions
  • Headlines
  • Articles
  • Profile

Want to have a look at the file yourself?

We encourage you to get inspired by this and many other examples we will be sharing. There is more to come but for now we recommend you check it out yourself and have a look!

Step 1. Download our beta

Step 2. Download this file: artifact.judo

PS: You will need to download the beta first to open this file.