Indianapolis Colts Enhance their Sponsorship with Mobile Trivia

July 19, 2019

Thanks in part to their fourth straight win last Sunday, it’s clear that the Indianapolis Colts have been on a roll. But it hasn’t just been their strong play on the field that has people talking, as their digital game has continued to find success as well.

One of the ways this has been seen this season is through the Colts’ engaging Trivia Tuesday mobile quiz. Designed as one of many unique digital activations for their 35th anniversary celebration, this weekly quiz serves as a great tool to engage their fans in a fun way.

By serving up an interactive quiz, the Colts were able to meet their goal of driving fan engagement, while increasing the value for your partners. For this experience, they spoke to their longtime partner, Papa John’s, who quickly jumped on board to provide fans with valuable promos.

Every Tuesday, the Colts delivered a series of trivia questions pertaining to big plays and prominent players throughout the past 35 seasons. Each quiz contained multiple questions, but with the only caveat being that the moment the fan selected the wrong answer, the quiz would end. At this point, the fan would be rewarded with a secondary Papa John’s offer. In this past week’s example, fans received a buy one get one free pizza promotional offer.

Should fans know fun facts, such as Marvin Harrison owning the record for most 2-point conversions and get all of the questions correct, then they would be presented with a bigger reward. This past week’s reward was a free dessert up to a 10$ value!

Through this partnership, fans are presented with a fun experience AND a prize, letting Colts fans have their cake… AND eat it too!


When either of the promo offers are clicked upon, fans are immediately sent to the ordering section on Papa John’s website — making ordering their food easy as [pizza] pie! Pleasing not only hungry fans but the sponsor as well.

To the Colts’ digital team — keep up the great work! And to all Colts fans — bon appetit!

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