Los Angeles Chargers Turn to Fans on Mobile for Pro Bowl Voting

December 11, 2018

Scheduled for January 28, the NFL’s Pro Bowl is fast approaching, requiring digital teams to work harder than ever to get their star performers voted into the game.

One of these teams is the Los Angeles Chargers, who currently have a variety of players that could make a Pro Bowl roster.

And while many of their players’ performance this season could entice fans around the league to vote for them, the Chargers have done a tremendous job using their digital platforms to convince fans to take the time to vote for their All-Stars.

From creative Twitter videos to perfectly executed Instagram graphics, the Chargers’ digital team have used a multitude of inventive ways to engage their fans. Recognizing that their fans are constantly on their phone, the Chargers also created unique mobile content to remind them to vote. In one example, they highlighted their top safety, Derwin James, and provided fans with everything they might need to make a voting decision, including game and season stats and highlight videos.

More importantly, however, they also provided directions on how to vote. The mobile experience contained clear “vote now” buttons which directed people to vote on the NFL website, but it also directed people to Twitter and provided clear directions on how to vote.

What took the content one step further was how the Twitter explanation screen also contained a deep link to Twitter. It’s the perfect experience. Fans would learn about why the player was worthy, learn how they can vote, and then be easily directed to where to vote.

So if you’re wondering whether teams should be following the Chargers lead on mobile? Well, we vote yes.

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